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The choice of equipment between tradition and modernity

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Of cotton or linen? Lace or embroidered? The choice of equipment can be very arduous, especially if it is necessary to decide between practicality and tradition.

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With the word corredo means , by definition, the set of laundry items and tools intended for both the person and the home to carry out the most common activities.

But where does all this attention to the kit come from?

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Historically, before the wedding, the double chapters : it was a real legal act in which the family of the future bride bargained and quantified the dowry with the future groom.
The dowry , which was mandatory until 1975 , was made up of various assets (such as land, property, precious stones or money) and was proportionate to both the possibilities of the bride’s family than the social class to which the groom belonged.

Not possessing any kind of dowry represented a real obstacle for the bride to search for a husband.

This agreement did not stipulate a transfer of ownership of the dowry, but rather entrusted its management to the groom. If the husband died before the bride, then the dowry could be freely administered by her; otherwise, and in the absence of children, the dowry would return to the bride’s family.

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The practice of the outfit took place in a similar way: the fabrics started to be embroidered since the daughters were still children . The distinction between the social extraction of the various families was noted only for the quality of the fabric used and for the quantity of pieces that formed it.

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The tradition of giving (for will and not for obligation) the material assets for supporting the couple in settling into a new home it has remained alive in some families.

The classic heaviness of tradition has been replaced, however, with the practicality and style that is most fashionable: the outfit is no longer tied only to the bride, now invests the couple who can also decide to create a wedding list .

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The kit includes the tools of the various rooms in the house and, to choose without making mistakes, we at GiordanoCorredi report simple tips to keep in mind:

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  • In the kitchen the rule to follow for dusters < / b> is to have a dozen of them and to prefer cotton or linen as a material.

  • Needless to specify that for bathroom linen you need a set of large and guest towels, made of cotton. The choice of linen, on the other hand, is indicated for drying the skin of newborns.

  • La bed linen generally represents the most creative choice . It is possible, in fact, to coordinate the colors of the sheets with those of the blanket or with those of the carpet and curtains.
    It is good to keep in mind the purchase of some extra pillowcases, especially if you use more than one pillow for rest, and at least two plaid for cold evenings on the couch.

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    Furthermore, there is no prohibition on the possibility of purchasing garments and tools as you realize you need them.
    Thus comes the dismantling of the figure of the mother who buys towels, pots and dusters too early.

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