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Marriage expenses, how to contain them respecting your budget

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Getting married with your loved one is a happy event and all couples want this moment to be perfect and unforgettable. But at the same time, it must be considered that the same also involves a lot of expenses, which it is good to fix right away to contain them and respect their budget.

Among the main marriage expenses to be fixed in your budget attention to the location

Have you set the wedding date and are you ready to dive into the romantic but complex organization of the wedding? The first step is to stop the location and decide how to define the lunch or dinner menu and related services included. This step is perhaps among the most important for your budget, as it concerns one of the biggest expenses to which the spouses are exposed.

A series of elements such as specific lunch dishes and additional services such as cake or cake corner are to be evaluated. Here: How to best implement a wedding menu via quotes and online searches , some tips to fit what is possible in the budget. Important, do not go to these facilities, unless specifically fixed the maximum expenditure to be allocated to the wedding and the specific budget for the wedding menu.

What to evaluate to contain marriage expenses and not give up small details?

Other elements to evaluate for marriage expenses, concern the main suppliers present at the event. Being different, it is useful to buy a small diary, in which to write the various appointments of the year, any advances provided and in general all the income and expenses present in the marriage. Attention also to possible extras, which could be requested and to the possibility of being able to request free trials for both catering and make-up and hair. It is also important:


  • Don’t be too strict about respecting the budget . Moreover, these are planned expenses and if there are any small extras that are welcome, such as fireworks when cutting the cake or a background music that is always cut, that does not require excessive costs, to contemplate them in one’s own budget.

  • Do not let go at every extra wedding . Obviously the opposite is also true, that is to evaluate what is really necessary among the possible additional services of a marriage.

  • Evaluate the possibility of an unexpected expense . Although it is useful to always make estimates to get a clear idea of ​​the budget, there may be cases where unexpected expenses are present and these must be promptly covered economically.

  • Honeymoon: Don’t forget to dedicate an important part of your budget to post-marriage or honeymoon too. Sea destinations or places to visit, are the most popular and the best travel agencies, they offer customized packages of various prices to choose for their honeymoon.

  • Finally, to contain the cost of marriage, it could also be useful to use the web channel. Why? To compare multiple quotes and choose the best ones not only for the services offered.

    And contact a wedding planner? Here are some advantages

    Another piece of advice that you can follow, if the budget allows, is to contact a person in charge of organizing the wedding. We refer to the wedding planner, an increasingly popular figure supporting spouses. The same, in fact, has the delicate task, once a specific wedding budget has been defined, of searching for the best suppliers for a wedding. And among other things, being a specific figure in the sector, it could carry out the aforementioned research even more effectively and with greater savings on marriage costs.

    Obviously, it is to be taken into account if it is worth taking on this figure, also requesting for the wedding planner, appropriate estimates. In the case, it is then possible to request only some of its services and concentrate on the organization of the wedding based on your own wedding budget.

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