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Groom accessories, how to get a sober and elegant look

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Once you’ve chosen a groom’s suit, it’s important to continue to take care of the small details by searching for even the most elegant accessories to wear on your wedding day. Sobriety must be the main feature and with options such as not too showy watches and leather belts, which can be matched between the main groom accessories. Also, be careful not to wear any jewel, as it is not included in the wedding etiquette.

Accessories for bridegrooms, eye for the model of the dress chosen

Before going on to know which are the most requested groom accessories and the inevitable ones for the wedding day, we remind you of some advice on the groom suit. Without the aforementioned purchase, in fact, it is not possible to define the style that the man has decided to give to his look and what could be a priority to wear among the most beautiful accessories. Here: Dress groom, etiquette, fashion 2019 useful tips for choosing , a particular attention to what this etiquette and fashions says. The etiquette provides very important rules based on the dress. We, we have collected the most useful to know to better respect them or:


  • Black Tuxedo. It is a classic among groom’s suits and mostly requires wearing a white shirt to contrast the dark of the suit and black accessories. Very popular in this choice of accessories, the black bow tie to replace the tie.

  • Tight. The white shirt is the inevitable accessory for this model. In general, it also includes a double cuff in which to insert elegant twins.

  • More flexible, the choice of accessories to match in the case of the groom’s preference for a more classic three-piece suit. The tie, in particular, must not be missing among the leading accessories of man. From sober colors to a narrow or wide line depending on the type of model chosen, the little details not to be missed.

    How to exalt the groom with the right accessories

    The groom accessories, are mainly made to enhance the dress with small details and include classics like gilet and belt , to be chosen with great care for an impeccable look. The vest, in particular, is chosen by virtue of the same color as the dress, except for the tuxedo for which the etiquette requires a strict black color to be respected. For the belt, instead, it is possible to focus more on simplicity, with a choice of leather and a color that matches well with shoes . The latter are among the main accessories to be purchased together with the dress and are generally dark in color. Among the most sought after models, the francesina, also better known as Oxford or the simpler moccasins. While for leather, we tend to opt above all for a glossy effect, avoiding opaque shades.

    Also pay attention to this accessory. Models that can be too high for your bride should be avoided. In the case of choosing a shoe with an internal rise, it is therefore necessary to opt for models that can increase their height in a way that is not too excessive and always considering the height of the future wife.

    What to wear and what to avoid among groom accessories for a simple and sober look

    Not only a groom’s suit, the details of the accessories can also relate to other original elements such as a flower in the lapel (usually you choose the same one chosen for the bride’s bouquet) and a watch. For this lastly, it is advisable to opt for models that are not too large and that are discreet under the groom’s suit. It is possible to opt, even for a tie-pin or a pin, as long as you always respect a sober and never too showy style. However, jewels such as rings and bracelets are not to be worn. This, to emphasize above all the faith that will be worn for the first time on the wedding day.

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