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Bridal veil: 3 tips to choose the most suitable one

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There are many accessories that surround the beauty of the bride on her special day : shoes , jewels, gloves, a hat, a parasol, a tiara or a tiara. However, many brides do not feel that they do not associate an element to the dress that is essential for them: the bridal veil . How to choose it? Here are 3 tips to choose the bridal veil that suits you best.

Short veil

Are you women saucy? Do you love elegance but not heaviness? Do you want your bridal veil to reflect your special, elegant but fun day? The short veil is the veil made for you because it lightens the figure, is practical, not cluttered and manages to give you a real timeless elegance. Think of a veil, which is the shortest bridal veil that exists: is usually made with a retina that gives a touch of class to the brides face that they choose it, revealing sensual lips. This type of veil is the perfect accessory to complete a vintage wedding dress or inspired by the fashion of the thirties and forties of a fantastic retro-style wedding.

Veil at the elbow

Are you a romantic bride? Have you decided to get married with a simple dress to exalt your forms? Have you chosen a dream location where a romantic atmosphere reigns? The veil at the elbow is the length that suits you, especially if you are a woman of medium-high stature , because this accessory will exalt you, and if you have a particularly muscular physique, it will soften your appearance, making you very romantic. Is the romantic style of the wedding just what you chose? Then you will not fail to embellish your veil with magnificent pearls.

Long veil, with a train

Are you a bride who loves the timeless elegance of a veil with a train? Do you want little princesses in pink to hold your veil? Have you been inspired by the royal weddings seen on TV? And then the long veil is exactly what is right for you . With its circular and embroidered shape, this showy veil can enhance simple wedding dresses or embellish the more elaborate ones. Contrary to what one might think, it is a extremely versatile accessory , which finds space in different wedding styles: from the most classic to the boho chic ones.

Even the choice of bridal veil can cause problems. We therefore hope to have provided useful advice to all those who are about to choose one.

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