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How to compose the perfect kit for marriage? It’s easy if you know how!

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Traditionally, the bride’s outfit represented what it could offer to her future husband. It was not simply the solution to a problem, but an indicator of the value and importance of the family. Fortunately, from a certain point of view, now the kit is more a way to speed up the solution of some problems in the initial phase of cohabitation or better to avoid the necessary expenses in a short period of time.

Some time ago the composition of the outfit began when the one who would become the future bride could not be considered more than a child. The rules were set and they had to be followed to perfection! For example, the pieces had to always be only twelve or multiples of twelve.

In the contemporary age, however, the purchase of the kit has become a simpler and probably even more fun practice. There are several ways to compose a kit and very often, rather than the tradition that wants a predefined number of pieces, we think instead of the practicality of washing and ironing them and their durability.

The first step, in fact, is to think of the quantity of pieces needed , even disengaging from the number twelve. How many wardrobes will there be? How big will the house be? Will there also be a guest room? How many bathrooms will be built? How many people can you host at the same time? Based on these simple questions you can think of a kit consisting of 12 or 24 pieces (if you want to stay close to tradition) but also, more simply, stock up on a complete kit in the store.

The important thing is however to choose products that are of certified quality, avoid artificial fabrics or that can bring allergies or accumulation of mites and prefer in their place natural fibers with colors in accordance with which reflect the wishes of those, in the end, he will have to use them. Last but not least, a practical sense is needed, typical of modern couples. It is no coincidence that terry towels are increasingly preferred to linen ones, although aesthetically they are objectively of a lower level: the former, in fact, do not require ironing and their absorbency is far superior to that of its brothers of other material.

Finally, we must remember the four macro-areas of the outfits:


  1. Bedroom (sheets, pillowcases, blankets, duvets, duvet covers, bedspreads …);

  3. Kitchen (both elegant and informal tablecloths, fabric napkins, centerpieces, dishtowels, dishcloths, oven mitts and pot holders);

  5. Bathroom (towels in linen, sponge or honeycomb, generally divided between large for the face and hands and small for the bidet, guest towels, bathrobes and if needed, also of bath towels);

  7. Linen (irrespective of the types of linen chosen, it is essential to have inside the wardrobes where they will be stored, anti-moth bags or perfumers. It is very important that the pieces of linen they are put to air, periodically).

  8. All that remains is to unleash your imagination and compose the perfect kit.

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